Side job

  • Location Loetje Reeuwijk
  • Hours 16 - 0 uur
  • Contract Oproepbasis

Side job

  • Location Loetje Reeuwijk
  • Hours 16 - 0 uur
  • Contract Oproepbasis
De gouden
Je bent:

You always make sure that there is a good vibe, for both your colleagues and the guests, in the restaurant.

As an evening person, you may prefer to sleep in a bit but you’re an energetic bon vivant with a big smile on your face.

You’re 18 years or older.

Je krijgt:

A great salary, tip, and benefits are in place.

A side job around the corner close to your home.

Flexible working days and times, especially in the evenings and weekends.

Before your day or evening shift starts, you can have a free bite to eat with your colleagues.

Work hard, laugh harder

Wat ga jij

Waar ben
jij goed in?

You really look forward to your shifts! You get on your bike, in public transport, or your car, full of positive energy knowing this day or evening will make our guests happy by providing delicious dishes, drinks, and cocktails, as well as the very best service.

Wat ga jij

Do what you like and what you are good at. Don’t know what that is yet? Then we will help you to figure that out together. In our restaurant you can work in the kitchen, in service, behind the bar, or with the dishes. So many options!

• Behind the bar you prepare all hot and cold drinks for guests, from beautiful cocktails to a nice latte macchiato.

• In the kitchen you help making salads and desserts. You also help with preparations (mise-en-place) for the next day.

• As a waiter you have nice conversations with our guests, take their orders, and bring dishes to the kitchen.

• In the scullery you do the dishes. Lots of dishes: pans, plates, cutlery, everything.

What will you earn: a gross monthly salary including holiday allowance; 21+years € 2.692 | 20 years € 2.289 | 19 years € 2.018 | 18 years € 1.749

kan ik

Please leave your name, telephone number, and e-mail address in the online form. A recruiter will call you within 1 working day. The recruiter will ask some questions regarding your availability, the number of hours you want to work, and a few other things. And then it’s time! We invite you for an introduction in the restaurant where you will meet future colleagues and your manager. If we find that you are a good fit, we will send a contract by email and you can quickly begin. Work hard and laugh just as hard!


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